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The Carrier module (CARM)Link

Size: 388mm x 216mm x 90
Weight: 1400gr
Max speed: 2m/s (software limited)
Max payload: 2500gr
Power consumption: 1.5Wh on rest, 45Wh normal operation.

The mobile carrier is an autonomous motion platform capable of travelling suspended on a single tensioned cable. It can be attached to the cable in a few seconds and controlled manually vie RF remote control. It integrates the Romi Camera Module as image capture device to allow remote operation and autonomous scanning and image upload. Includes Battery module that recharges automatically in the Charging station module while not scanning.

The primary communication is achieved via Wi-Fi to interact with the farmer phone or laptop, the local farm server or to a remote instance through the internet. Wi-Fi ensures enough bandwidth is available to perform the image uploads as well as over-the-air software updates, and it eliminates the need for customized gateways. When a remote connection is required, and the farm does not have one, a Wi-Fi to 4G (or 5G) gateway is located in the recharging station at the cable end.