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PiCamera HQLink


To assemble a SINGLE PiCamera HQ, you will need the following list of materials:

ID Name Qty Off the shelf / Custom Material Manufacturer Serial number Link
7 Mounting Plate Rpi Zero Hq Camera 1 Custom PMMA dxf
21 RaspberryPiZeroW 1 Off the Shelf
22 Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 1 Off the Shelf
23 6mm CS-mount lens 1 Off the Shelf
24 Ribbon cable 1 Off the Shelf
25 5mm M2.5 nylon screws 8 Off the Shell


This is contained in the "Manual gimbal" BOM.



Write assembly instructions!


Flash Raspbian Lite OSLink

To flash the OS on the microSD, have a look at the official Raspberry Pi OS instructions here. We strongly advise to use the Raspberry Pi Imager to do so.

Change the hostnameLink

We strongly advise to give a specific hostname to each device to avoid having the all named raspberrypi.

Choose option A OR B, then reboot the RPi!


RFCs mandate that a hostname's labels may contain only the ASCII letters 'a' through 'z' (case-insensitive), the digits '0' through '9', and the hyphen. Hostname labels cannot begin or end with a hyphen. No other symbols, punctuation characters, or blank spaces are permitted.

A. Using raspi-configLink

It is possible to change the hostname with the raspi-config tool:

sudo raspi-config
Then move to 1 System Options > S4 Hostname. Enter the desired hostname, e.g. picamera1, and hit <OK>.

B. Command-lineLink

For example, we want to rename our first romi-camera picamera1. We can do so by changing /etc/hostname & /etc/hosts with:

export NEW_HNAME="picamera1"
sudo sed "s/raspberrypi/$NEW_HNAME/" /etc/hostname
sudo sed "s/raspberrypi/$NEW_HNAME/" /etc/hosts

Create the romi userLink

Boot the RPi, login with the default pi user & raspberry password. Then create the user romi with:

sudo adduser romi
This will also create the home directory for this user and ask for a password.

Add this user to dialout, video & sudo groups with:

sudo adduser romi dialout
sudo adduser romi video
sudo adduser romi sudo


We should probably give instructions to remove the default pi user, or at least to remove it from the sudo group?! sudo deluser --remove-home pi

Install requirementsLink

To install the requirements simply run:

sudo apt install build-essential cmake git libpng-dev libjpeg9-dev

We also deactivate something useless in our case (dynamic linker):

sudo mv /etc/ /etc/

Clone the sourcesLink

To clone the sources from the ROMI GitHub repository, simply run:

git clone --branch ci_dev --recurse-submodules


The --recurse-submodules option will automatically initialize and update each submodule in the repository.

Compile the sourcesLink

Then move to the cloned directory and compile the romi-camera app with:

cd romi-rover-build-and-test
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make romi-camera