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Assembly instructions for the aluminium frame v2Link


All units are in millimeters!


Aluminium frame with wood corners overview

To assemble the aluminium frame you will need:

  • 4x 1800mm 3030 profiles (A)
  • 4x 1200mm 3030 profiles (B)
  • 4x 1007mm 3030 profiles (C)
  • 16x brackets (30x60) for 3030 profiles
  • 64x M6 T-nuts
  • 64x M6x12 screws

Note that:

  • Parts A defines the height of the enclosure;
  • Parts B & C depends on the external size of the chosen CNC frame!

Assembly instructionsLink

Start by assembling the smallest sides of the frame using two A parts & two C parts per side. To ease the build, lay them flat on the floor.

  1. Prepare all A parts with their brackets at the right position:

    Aluminium frame A with brackets
    Positioning the 30x60 brackets on the 1800mm 3030 profiles (A).

  2. Add two C parts per side to construct the "small sides". Make sure they are horizontal.

  3. Then add the two lower B parts & finally the two upper B parts.

    Aluminium frame overview
    Assembled aluminium frame schematic & isometric view.


Add wood corner brackets to rigidify the structure.

Aluminium frame with wood corners overview
Assembled aluminium frame with wood corners schematic.
Aluminium frame with wood corners overview
Isometric view of assembled aluminium frame with wood corners.