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This is a work in progress... the original author has no idea what he is doing!


Let's start with a description of the used symbols: Legend

  • Note shaped boxes are RomiConfig, they are TOML files that contains parameters for each task.
  • Round shaped boxes are RomiTasks with their name on the first level, then the module names (--module option in romi_run_task) and a quick description of the tasks at hand.
  • Folder shaped boxes are RomiTarget, they indicate files input/output and the file extension is given between parenthesis.


Acquisition of real plant datasetsLink

Acquisition - Scan task

Acquisition of virtual plant datasetsLink

Acquisition - VirtualScan task

Plant Reconstruction from RGB imagesLink

Reconstruction - AnglesAndInternodes task

3D Plant PhenotypingLink

Geometric approachLink

Quantification - AnglesAndInternodes task

Machine Learning approachLink

Quantification - AnglesAndInternodes task


Mask task evaluationLink

Evaluation - Masks task

Voxel task evaluationLink

Evaluation - Voxels task

PointCloud task evaluationLink

Evaluation - PointCloud task