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Hardware metadata & scan settingsLink

Hardware metadata are informative of the hardware setup like the used camera, its firmwares or the workspace size.


Here is a list of hardware metadata and their definition:

  • frame: scanner frame type and version, eg: "30profile v1";
  • X_motor: type of motor used for the X axis, eg: "X-Carve NEMA23";
  • Y_motor: type of motor used for the Y axis, eg: "X-Carve NEMA23";
  • Z_motor: type of motor used for the Z axis, eg: "X-Carve NEMA23";
  • pan_motor: , type of motor used for the camera pan axis, eg: "Dynamixel";
  • tilt_motor: , type of motor used for the camera tilt axis, eg: "gimbal";
  • sensor: type of sensor used during acquisition, eg: "Sony alpha";
  • scan_os: , eg: "";

The metadata dictionary made of frame, X_motor, Y_motor, Z_motor, pan_motor & tilt_motor define the hardware_id used in the

The sensor metadata could be more detailed, for example as a dictionary or a reference to a sensor_id database?



How is it defined in a TOML configuration file ?

Database locationLink

Located in metadata/metadata.json and found under the scanner top level section, it contains information about the hardware and software used for the scan:

  • the used camera with camera_args, camera_firmware, camera_hardware & camera_lens
  • the model and version of the scanning station with id
  • list of hardware and software components and their versions with cnc_args, cnc_firmware, cnc_hardware, frame, gimbal_args, gimbal_firmware, gimbal_hardware
  • the used workspace with workspace

JSON exampleLink

Example of a metadata/metadata.json file for hardware metadata:

    "scanner": {
        "camera_args": {
            "api_url": ""
        "camera_firmware": "sony_wifi",
        "camera_hardware": "Sony Alpha 5100",
        "camera_lens": "16-35 stock",
        "cnc_args": {
            "homing": true,
            "port": "/dev/ttyUSB1"
        "cnc_firmware": "grbl-v1.1",
        "cnc_hardware": "xcarve-v2",
        "frame": "alu 40mm",
        "gimbal_args": {
            "baud_rate": 57600,
            "dev": "/dev/ttyUSB0",
            "tilt0": 3072
        "gimbal_firmware": "dynamixel-usb2dynamixel",
        "gimbal_hardware": "dynamixel",
        "id": "lyon_1",
        "workspace": {
            "x": [
            "y": [
            "z": [


Gather all camera parameters under a camera section? Gather all cnc parameters under a cnc section? Gather all gimbal parameters under a gimbal section?