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Plant PhenotypingLink

Within the ROMI project, some work packages are oriented towards the development of a 3D plant phenotyping platform adapted to single potted plants. To achieve this goal, the team developed a suite of affordable open-source tools (hardware & software) presented hereafter.

Dense Colmap reconstruction

We aim at making our software architecture modular to ensure the required flexibility and adaptability to most of the robotic & research applications from the ROMI project when possible.

The flowchart belows indicate how the various modules and parts of the ROMI software interact:

%%{ init: { "theme": "base", "flowchart": { "htmlLabels": true, "curve": "linear" }, "themeVariables": { "fontFamily": "Nunito Sans", "primaryColor": "#00a960", "background": "#ffffff", "primaryTextColor": "#282828", "secondaryColor": "#ffffff", "tertiaryColor": "#ffffff" } } }%% flowchart LR DB[(Database)] P3DX(REACT API) CLI(CLI) Reconst>Reconstruction] Quantif>Quantification] LPy([LPy]) Blender([Blender]) Hardware[[Hardware]] Terminal -.-> CLI subgraph romitask CLI end subgraph plantdb DB end subgraph plant-imager subgraph VirtualPlantImager LPy Blender end subgraph PlantImager Hardware end end CLI --> PlantImager CLI --> VirtualPlantImager PlantImager --> DB VirtualPlantImager <--> DB subgraph plant-3d-vision Reconst Quantif end plant-3d-vision <--> DB CLI --> plant-3d-vision subgraph plant-3d-explorer DB --> P3DX end P3DX <-.-> Browser

List of Python modulesLink

Hereafter we list the Python module used in the Plant Imager project:

plant-imager to control the Plant Imager hardware, generates virtual plants and image them with the Virtual Plant Imager.

plantdb the database to host and serve images and processed data.

plant-3d-explorer to visualize the images and processed data.

plant-3d-vision to reconstruct the RGB images into 3D models and to quantify phylotaxis from 3D models

romiseg for semantic labelling of plants.

romicgal wrapper around CGAL for triangulation and skeletonization.

romitask defines the tasks and the command-line-interface (CLI) romi_run_task.

dtw to align sequences, notably angles and internodes obtained from phylotaxis measurements.


We provide tutorials explaining the usage of out various tools and how-to detailing the algorithms at work for each task.

Tutorials How-to