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Docker container for ROMI plant 3d explorerLink

The plant visualizer is a webapp that dialog with the database to display images & some quantitative traits.

It is based on Ubuntu 18.04.

Note that we tag the different versions, the default is to use the latest, but you can also specify a specific version by changing the value of the environment variable $VTAG, e.g. export VTAG="2.1". Look here for a list of available tags:


The docker image does not contain any plant scans and does not come with a working ROMI local database.

To quickly create an example DB you can use:

tar -xf test_db.tar.gz

This will create a integration_tests folder with a ready to use test database.

To create a local ROMI database:

  • python package install, look here.
  • plantdb docker image, look here.
  • docker-compose YAML recipe (start both a plantdb & a plant-3d-explorer docker image connected to the db), look here.

Use pre-built docker imageLink

You can easily download and start the pre-built plant-3d-explorer docker image with:

docker run -p 3000:3000 roboticsmicrofarms/plant-3d-explorer:$VTAG

By default, the docker image will create a container pointing toward the official ROMI database

To change that, e.g. to a local running database at '', do 1:

docker run --env REACT_APP_API_URL='' -p 3000:3000 roboticsmicrofarms/plant-3d-explorer:$VTAG

Build docker imageLink

To build the image, from the plant-3d-explorer root directory, run:

export VTAG="latest"
docker build -t roboticsmicrofarms/plant-3d-explorer:$VTAG .

To start the container using the built image:

docker run -p 3000:3000 roboticsmicrofarms/plant-3d-explorer:$VTAG

Once it's up and running, you should be able to access the viewer using a browser here: http://localhost:3000/


If you omit the -p 3000:3000 you can still access the interface using the docker ip, something like


Use chrome as firefox has some issues with the used JavaScript libraries!

Publish docker imageLink

To push it on the roboticsmicrofarms docker hub:

docker push roboticsmicrofarms/plant-3d-explorer:$VTAG

This requires a valid account and token on dockerhub!