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Git submodules in plant-3d-visionLink

We make use of git submodules in the plant-3d-vision repository to tightly control the version of the other ROMI libraries used as dependencies. Hereafter we detail how to manage those submodules, especially how to update them.

Getting startedLink

Clone the sourcesLink

If you are joining the project start by cloning the sources:

git clone

Initialize the submodulesLink

If you just cloned the repository or if the submodules folders (romitask, romicgal, plantdb...) are empty, you have to initialize the submodules in the plant-3d-vision folder with:

cd plant-3d-vision
git submodule init
git submodule update

You should now have submodules folders (romitask, romicgal, plantdb...) filled with the contents for the associated "fixed commit".

To know the latest commit associated to a submodule, move to its folder and look-up the git log:

cd plant-3d-vision/<submodule_root_dir>
git log


Press key q to quit the log.

Integrate the modifications of a submoduleLink

For the sake of clarity, let's assume you have worked on the dtw submodule, integrated your changes in the branch <my_branch> (usually main) and you want to integrate these modifications to plant-3d-vision.

On way to do it is this:

cd plant-3d-vision/
git pull

# It would be better to create an integration branch...

cd dtw  # could be another submodule than `dtw`
git checkout <my_branch>  # usually `main` or `dev`/`develop`
git pull
git log  # check this is indeed the last commit that you want to integrate

cd ..
git status  # should see `modifié :         dtw (nouveaux commits)`

git add dtw
git status  # should show added `dtw` in green
git commit -m "update dtw submodule"
git push

Update the plant-3d-vision integration branchLink

From the plant-3d-vision folder, checkout the dev branch (integration branch):

git checkout dev
git fetch
git pull
git submodule update
git status

Update the submodule branchLink

To check the latest commit of a submodule do:

git log

To get the commit short hash:

git rev-parse --short=8 HEAD

To update a submodule branch:

cd <submodule_root_dir>
git checkout <submodule_branch>  # or commit short hash
git status
git log

Commit the changesLink

You may now commit the changes to plant-3d-vision:

git commit -m "Update romicgal submodule"