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Configure the ROMI devicesLink

We now need to configure the devices.

Configure the ROMI camera(s)Link

  1. Power the Plant Imager controller (RPi 4)
  2. Power the X-Carve, this should also power the romi-camera(s) (RPi Z W)
  3. Plug the USB of the X-Controller to the Plant Imager controller (RPi 4)
  4. In a terminal (RPi 4):
    cd ~romi-rover-build-and-test/
    ./build/bin/rcdiscover tests-hardware/20-plant-imager/config.json


The Plant Imager controller should start the AP at boot. The romi-camera(s) should automatically connect to the AP.

Configure the Plant Imager controllerLink

We have to define the config.json to use with Oquam.

Tune the camera opticsLink

cd ~romi-rover-build-and-test/
firefox applications/romi-monitor/camera.html & #check the camera topic name and the registry IP
cd ~plant-imager/
python3 /preview/ --registry IP-of-the-registry
romi_run_task --config configs/hardware_scan_v3.toml Scan ~/romi_db/dir-name/