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Assembly guideLink

The cablebot assembly requires simple tools: Pliers, screwdrivers, allen keys and a plastic or wooden tool to apply pressure without damaging the pieces. For electronics assembly some extra tools are needed: solder station, cutting pliers, shrink tube and hot air gun.

Carrier module (CARM)Link

The carrier module is the most complex component and it has a lot of different parts, to make the assembly process simpler this module is divided into different groups of parts that can be constructed independently and latter joint together.

  • Head
  • Body
  • Arms (left and right)
  • Hands (Left and right)

Hands (left and right)Link

There are two hands on the CARM module, left and right. The assembly process for both is the same, so we only show it once. These pieces hold the pulleys that are in direct contact with the cable on both extremes. They also hold the two end stops switches that detect obstacles along the path.

3d printed partsLink

Hand end stop trigger left Hand base left Pulley 608zz Hand base right Hand end stop trigger right

1x Hand end stop trigger left
1x Hand base left
2x Pulley 608zz
1x Hand base right
1x Hand end stop trigger right

Milled Alucobond partsLink

Hand left out small Hand left middle small Hand front left Hand right out small Hand right middle small Hand front right Hand left out big Hand left middle big Hand right out big Hand right middle big

1x Hand left out small
1x Hand left middle small
1x Hand front left
1x Hand right out small
1x Hand right middle small
1x Hand front right
1x Hand left out big
1x Hand left middle big
1x Hand right out big
1x Hand right middle big

Just one set is needed either small or big, depending on cable tension (big is better for high tension).

Hardware partsLink

2 608zz bearing
2 D2F-01L-D3 End stop
1 Cable 28 AWG - Black - 450mm (left hand)
1 Cable 28 AWG - Green - 450mm (left hand)
1 Cable 28 AWG - Black - 110mm (right hand)
1 Cable 28 AWG - Green - 110mm (right hand)
10 Washer M8x1.5
2 Screw M8x25
2 Nut M8
4 Screw M3x32
4 Nut M8
2 Screw M2x10
2 Nut M2


All the needed pieces, to build the right hand.

First install the end-stop (with the cables already soldered to it) inserting first the M2 nuts in the hexagonal holes.

Pass the cables through the hole to the back of the printed piece.

And through the front hole in the alucobond piece.

Align the two holes on both pieces.

Pass the cable back to the front through the hole and align it with the pocket on the alucobond piece.

Align and put together the two aluminum parts making sure not to pinch the cables. After joining them check if the cable can move freely.

Insert the M8 screw.

Place the 5 washers on the screw.

Before this step you need to pressure fit the 608zz bearing in to the 3d printed pulley, it can be done easily on a bench press, be sure to slide it until the end. We recommend applying a couple of cyanoacrylate glue drops between the two pieces.

Insert the bearing and the printed pulley on the M8 screw and fix it with the nut, be sure to apply enough pressure.

Hold the end-stop trigger printed piece in place.

Align the aluminum cap and insert the screw.

While you push the screw be sure to keep the trigger aligned.

Fix the nut on the back side.

While keeping aligned the printed piece insert the other screw.

Tighten both nuts.

You're done with the right hand assembly!

Follow the same procedure with the left hand, so you can start with the arms.

Left ArmLink

3d printed partsLink

Left arm cap out Pogo pin clip Left arm cap middle

1x Left arm cap out
1x Pogo pin clip
1x Left arm cap middle

Milled AlucobondLink

Left arm

1x Arm left

Right ArmLink

3d printed partsLink

Control board holder Right arm cap middle Right arm cap out

1x Control board holder
1x Right arm cap middle
1x Right arm cap out

Milled AlucobondLink

Right arm

1x Right arm

The head part of the module holds the brushless motor and the needed electronics to control it. This part slides depending on the cable tension.

3d printed partsLink

Encoder cap Head separator front Head separator up Spring holder up Head separator back Encoder holder

1x Encoder cap
1x Head separator front
1x Head separator up
1x Spring holder up
1x Head separator back
1x Encoder holder

Milled AlucobondLink

Head front Head middle front Head middle back Head back

1x Head front
1x Head middle front
1x Head middle back
1x Head back

Hardware partsLink



Battery module (BATM)Link

Camera module (CAMM)Link

Charging station module (CHAM)Link