Charging Station

Size: 532mm x 240 x 805mm
Weight: 3900gr (Without Access Point)
Power Input - 120-240V AC, Output - 17V DC

The Charging Station module (CHAM) provides several features to the cablebot system:

  • Rest position with minimal power consumption (motor can be disabled).
  • Homing zero position with known precise geo position.
  • Shelter from environmental hazards.
  • Automatic charging via pogo pins contact connector.
  • Optional WiFi access point.

It allows the Carrier Module to park in a position that offers shelter against weather elements in addition to providing the necessary voltage for battery charging. A mechanical/magnetic clip system was designed to hold the CARM in a fixed rest position, once parked, the motor can be disabled to save power and a pogo pin contact connector enables charging. Alignment guides allow parking even under windy conditions.

On homing the CARM obtains a geo-referenced fixed point from which precise position can be calculated for geotagging captured images. The CHAM holds an AC/DC power supply and an optional Wi-Fi access point.

Installation ca be done directly on the cable with a 4 tensioning system that guarantees stability and allows correct alignment. A vertical fixed post or flat surface such as the wall of a building can also be used as holding structures.

The carrier has three pogo pins that, via an interrupt signal, allows it to know when it is on home position and start the charging process.