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This page will describe how to set up and start the plant visualizer.


This project is build using Node JS. As such, you need to install Node JS and npm (which should come with node).

!!! important To make sure everything works as intended, check that your version of Node is at least 10, and your version of npm is at lease 6.

Installing packages and setting up the environmentLink

After making sure you have the right versions of Node and npm, you will need to clone the repository of the project. Simply run

git clone

The next step is to install everything the app needs with the following command:

npm install

If you want the app to use the remote server to fetch data, run the following command:

echo "REACT_APP_API_URL=''" > .env.local

If you don't, the app will use a local server at address localhost:5000. In order to do this, you need to get plantdb running.

Starting the appLink

To start a development server (used to develop, or simply test the app), run:

npm start

The app will then run at address localhost:3000.

!!! warning Using Google Chrome (or Chromium Browser) is recommended as some problems have been encountered on Firefox due to some libraries we used.

More commandsLink

To see a more detailed list of available commands, visit the GitHub repository.