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Install the ROMI Plant 3d explorerLink

To follow this guide you should have a conda environment, see here. For the sake of clarity it will be called Plant 3d explorer.


If you do not want the hassle of having to create environment & install python libraries, there is a pre-built docker image, with usage instructions here.


The Plant 3d explorer relies on:

  • node
  • npm

Install node and npm, on ubuntu:

sudo apt install npm

The packaged version ot npm is probably out of date (require npm>=5), to update it:

npm install npm@latest -g

Install ROMI packages & their dependencies:Link

Activate your plant_imager environment!

Clone the visualizer git repository :

git clone
cd plant-3d-explorer

Install node packages and build the pages:

npm install

Use the Plant 3d explorerLink

With the official ROMI databaseLink

You can use the ROMI database to test the installation of the Plant 3d explorer:

npm start

With a running local databaseLink

If you have followed the installation instructions of the ROMI database (here), you can use it with the Plant 3d explorer:

npm start


To permanently set this URL as the location of the DB, add it to your ~/.bashrc file.

echo 'export REACT_APP_API_URL=' >> ~/.bashrc