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We hereafter defines the semantic, names and abbreviations to use in the projects documentations and communications.

ROMI Software : the whole set of software developed by ROMI;

ROMI Hardware : the three types of robots developed by ROMI, namely the "cable bot", the "rover" and the "plant imager";

database : the database itself;

scan : a set of images, and the pipelines results;

fileset : a set of files (e.g. a set of RGB images of a plant);

file : a file (e.g. an RGB image of a plant);

plant metadata : set of FAIR metadata attached to the plant (e.g. species, age, growth conditions...);

acquisition metadata : set of metadata attached to the acquisition procedure & hardware configuration (e.g. version of the CNC controller, camera settings, ...);


"scans" could be renamed "dataset" or !