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About the ROMI projectLink

Project fundingLink

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773875.


Research teamsLink

IAAC develops an aerial robot that can be used by farmers. Iaac also performs real-world tests in the experimental gardens at the Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs and imagine end-user scenarios. They help deliver the robotics platform to new markets, managing the communication and user communities. Sony CSL is responsible for the development of the LettuceThink robot. They also contribute to the development of the computer vision and machine learning algorithms, in particular, on the 3D plant scanning and the coupling between the formal plant models and the convolutional neural networks. The Virtual Plants team brings its strong expertise in the area of 3D plant architecture reconstruction and modelling. Notably, the team develops computer pipelines to reconstruct plant architecture from 3D data, to assess their reconstruction, and to segment the architecture in its constituent organs. The Adaptive Systems Group expertise lies in models for closed-loop learning and prediction of sensorimotor data, as well as behaviour recognition and generation. The tasks planned will focus on the learning and adaptive techniques for the interaction between robots and plants. The RDP team has a deep understanding of the development and evolution of plant reproductive systems. RDP leads the advanced sensing and analysis of crops, and brings its expertise on the developmental dynamics and modelling of plant architecture. Chatelain Pépinières runs a commercial market farm near Paris. They perform field studies to test the efficiency of the weeding robot and the usefulness of the crop monitoring applications in real-world situations. FEI provides assistance and training for projects partly funded by the European Commission, as coordinator or as partner. FEI intervenes close to them in the administrative, financial coordination and management of their projects.

Official WebsiteLink

This is the documentation website of the ROMI project, to access the public project presentation, follow this link:

GitHub sourcesLink

For now these sources are private.

Presentation videosLink

Preliminary videos to learn more about the project tools!